How To Grow & Scale a Multi-Million Dollar Event Business

Learn directly from the CEO of Snapbar, Sam Eitzen, about how he scaled his event rental business to $3.2 million in revenue and grew 1,000% to become a rare photo booth company in the Inc 500.

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For the first time ever, the CEO & Co-Founder of Snapbar, Sam Eitzen reveals the most important lessons he learned in his journey growing Snapbar into one of the most admired photo booth companies in the world.

Learn how he scaled his event rental business from humble beginnings (he started pretty much by accident) to $3.2 million in revenue! In just 3 years, Snapbar became one of the rare photo booth companies in the Inc 500 by growing over 1,000% and up to a team of 40 people.

In 10 modules he covers the most critical aspects of properly setting your business up to scale and how to rapidly grow once these foundations are in place.

Like many, Sam worked a full time job for the first 3 years of building his photo booth business “on the side”.

How did he go from that to millions in revenue (and no longer working events himself)?

How does he find his employees? How does he interview and train them? What does he pay them?

What software & equipment does he use? How does he get most of his clients?

What sales & marketing tactics work the very best and which are not worth bothering with?

How does he think about innovating in a post pandemic world?

Prior to Covid-19, Snapbar was on track to do $5 million in 2020. What did he do when that all vanished?

In the midst of a global pandemic and economic depression, he started and scaled two new million dollar product lines: gift boxes and virtual photo booths.

Sam knows how to grow and scale. Learn his blue print.

In this course, he holds nothing back.

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Here's what you learn

Topics Covered

Picking Your Niche

What does a niche have to do with growth? What if you don't have one yet? How do you even pick one?

Customer Service

How do you deliver great customer service to your clients to keep them coming back and referring you?

Sales & Marketing

How does Snapbar get their clients? Where do the millions in revenue come from? Yes... Sam gets very specific here: Google & Facebook Ads, SEO, Trade Shows, Yelp, Wedding Wire, Thumbtack and much more. Which work and which don't? He spills the tea and names names.

Building A Brand

People around the world are familiar with the Snapbar brand. Learn how you can develop yours and why its often the most important thing entrepreneurs overlook.

Hiring & Managing

Where do you find employees? How do you interview them? How much should you pay them? What about managing, leading and most importantly, keeping them?

Expanding Your Business

How do you expand to other geographic locations? Are there other ways to expand your business? (Hint: Yes!)

Implementing Systems

Arguably Sam's biggest super power is operations. How do you implement the right systems & processes that allow you to SCALE?

Training & Support

Once you've finally found and hired great team members, how do you train & support them to represent your company in the best way possible?

Innovating & Adapting

Sam is a visionary and leader in the virtual event space. Learn how he thinks about innovating & adapting in extremely uncertain times such as these.

Here's what you get

What's Included

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Access hours of video content in a total of 10 modules. Go through these at your own pace and view them as many times as you like.


Access a private online forum for students where you can ask questions, discuss what you've learned and share your own experiences. It's also a place where Sam himself can engage with students 🙂


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