How To Create & Sell Virtual Booths

Learn how the Founder of OutSnapped, Nicholas Rhodes, is having massive success selling virtual photo booth services. He has done 250+ virtual events in just a matter of months!

Learn from someone who has done 250+ virtual booth events

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As events were forced to go virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual photo booths emerged as a new trend.

At first, many of us were skeptical. Why would anyone pay for a virtual photo booth?

But over the last few months, there’s been a huge shift. We have the data to prove it as we’ve surveyed photo boothers multiple times in 2020 regarding this trend.

Many more photo boothers are seeing the potential in virtual but as its such a new shift, most are still struggling with how to sell it.

So we set out on a mission to find the absolute best individual to help… and we found Nicholas Rhodes, who has been quietly crushing it in this space.

Nicholas is the “King of Virtual Booths“.

In a world with basically no in-person events, his company, OutSnapped, is on track to have a more profitable year than last year.

Nicholas has built some of the most creative virtual photo booth activations in the world.

He has successfully pitched this service to everyone from big brands like Netflix to smaller social events like birthday parties.

In just a matter of months, Nicholas has fulfilled 250+ virtual events.

He personally has sat through hundreds of hours of pitches and sales calls.

He also personally built all these activations in the virtual booth software.

Simply put, there is no one on Earth that is better suited to teach this program.

Nick knows how to sell virtual booths.

How does he do it?

While everyone else is struggling to understand how to sell this service, what is he doing differently?

In this course, you get to learn his blue print.

Nick has built virtual booths for the following clients:

Here's what you learn

Topics Covered

What is a Virtual Booth?

Dive into the anatomy of a virtual booth and learn the different ways you can operate them.

Software Options

Learn the different software options available, the pros/cons of each of them and which types of events each one is best suited for

Event Examples

Comb through the most successful virtual booths Nicholas has handled. What made them work so well? Which metrics and KPIs excite clients the most and how do you ensure you get such high engagement so they come back for more?!

Sales & Marketing

This is what most struggle with. Learn the most effective ways to explain and demonstrate the virtual booth so that you actually close sales!

Sales Calls

Listen to an actual sales call with Nicholas to see what questions prospects have and how to best address them!

Pricing Calculator

How do you know how much to charge for your virtual booth event? Nicholas uses his experience and puts it all into this calculator for you to use to understand your costs and come up with your pricing.

Here's what you get

What's Included

Digital Content

Access hours of video content in a total of 10 modules. Go through these at your own pace and view them as many times as you like.


Access a private online forum for students where you can ask questions, discuss what you've learned and share your own experiences. It's also a place where Nicholas himself can engage with students 🙂


Once you make your purchase, you’ll be set up with an account on wisdra. You can access your courses and progress through them at your own pace.

Yes, all courses are accessed via your web browser and can be viewed on mobile or desktop. The content is mobile friendly.

By default, courses are not downloadable to a computer. We do this out of concerns for piracy and to protect our instructors content.

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